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The United Kingdom Marketing Technology Landscape is one of the fastest growing segments in the world. The Marketing Technology Landscape of the United Kingdom is categorized into 6 distinct categories: Content and Experience, Data, Advertising and Promotion, Social and Relationships, Commerce and Sales, and finally Management. These categories are further divided into subcategories that each represent the main category. 
There are over 714 vendors in the United Kingdom Marketing Technology segment. The following are some of the top-performing Marketing Technology vendors among them.
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Artesian Solutions was founded in 2005 by Andrew Yates and Mike Blackadder to provide impeccable Marketing Technology services to businesses in the United Kingdom. The technology solutions of Artesian Solutions provide excellent analytics and insights on the customers. The decision-making capability of their solutions has risen ever since they re-engineered them to be driven by AI.
BrightTalk is one of the foremost leaders in the field of content libraries. They have a huge library of webinars which they make available on-demand to their customers. Their webinar-based approach to marketing is quite famous in the Marketing Technology market, making them a successful Marketing Technology Vendor.
Cyance, founded by Mike Housley, is a predictive analytics platform. The Marketing Technology market has tremendous demand for insights, which are a product of predictive analytics. As a result, Cyance made its impact on the United Kingdom Marketing Technology Landscape and became one of the top vendors in the region. 
Force24 operates very largely based on the leads in the market. It offers marketing automation tools to its customers. Apart from that, there are several services related to marketing technology that Force24 is known to offer. Force24 merges the world of data and agency and provides services that will integrate those two fields to bring out excellent Marketing Technology solutions.
The Marketing Technology market in the United Kingdom is estimated to reach £4.6 billion. The industry employs over 20,000 individuals based all over the country. Out of the total revenue of this market, around 42.8% comes from automation technologies. Marketing technologies control 20% of the entire marketing process. Marketing Technology takes help from the IT sector to deploy 42% of its solutions in the market of the United Kingdom. The major challenges faced by marketers in the United Kingdom market are based on issues with data quality, data volume, data variety, integration of cloud data and uncountable data sources and these drive the growth of the martech market here. 
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Oaknorth is a United Kingdom unicorn in the Marketing Technology segment. It is powered by Machine Learning and driven by data technology. It offers commercial lenders some exciting tools that help them anticipate challenges and find solutions.
Hopin is an event platform that allows its users to perform event marketing, conduct virtual events, do live streaming, optimise customer experience, etc. With Hopin, mass marketing can be taken to another level by reaching thousands of people simultaneously.
Some of the most prominent innovators in the marketing technology landscape of the United Kingdom: 
Ve Global engages potential consumers across the whole online experience with detailed customisation and the seamless integration of advertising and marketing technologies. It searches through a vast amount of existing data to find exactly what a person is looking for.
Yoyo, a British mobile wallet company, allows customers to make rapid payments and receive instant incentives. Simultaneously, it enables merchants to make personalised offers and target clients with purchase possibilities that fit them, resulting in increased sales.
Glassbox’s invention enables merchants to handle large data analytics, allowing them to completely understand what their consumers want and why. The software analyses every website interaction, allowing the vendor to optimise online experiences and detect any faults.
Verve enables businesses to harness the power of passion. It is a worldwide network that connects young people with the things they care about. It uses word-of-mouth advertising to assist firms and to build product excitement, and it allows under-30s to select brands with which they identify.
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The Marketing Technology Landscape of the world is projected to grow by 22% in the next few years. Out of which almost 30% to 35% of the contribution will be from the United Kingdom. On average, businesses in the United Kingdom are forecasted to spend 26% of their total marketing allocations on Marketing Technology. While most predictions show a growth in the Marketing Technology market of the United Kingdom, only 4% of the predictions predict a decline.
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