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FOX Sports and fuboTV have announced their UEFA Nations League coverage details. As a consequence, there is good news and bad news about how to watch UEFA Nations League on US TV and streaming.
First, the good news is that every game is available for viewing in English-language. Second, the bad news is that games are strewn across several different channels, apps and services.
To watch the UEFA Nations League on US TV and streaming, games are shown across:
FOX Soccer Plus
FOX Sports App
Fubo Sports Network
Out of the more than 100 UEFA Nations League games scheduled for June 1 through 14, the games are spread across TV and streaming. First, FS2 has 15 games. Second, FOX Soccer Plus has 13 games. Third and finally, FS1 has 11 matches.
With no OTT streaming service of its own (ESPN has ESPN+, CBS Sports have Paramount+), FOX Sports are only broadcasting a minority of the games. Therefore, it’s no surprise that FOX sub-licensed the majority of games to fuboTV (NYSE: FUBO). In an ideal world, FOX Sports would have their own streaming service that could handle the number of Nations League games.
As a result, the winner in FOX’s UEFA Nations League strategy is, right now, fuboTV. The streaming service that focuses on sports already offers FS1, FS2 and FOX Soccer Plus. You can also use your fuboTV login to authenticate with the FOX Sports App to watch the three UEFA Nations League games on there. What fuboTV doesn’t offer is Tubi, but the two matches on that free ad-supported service are Scotland-Armenia and Ukraine-Ireland. And then the remaining 62 games are all live on the Fubo Sports Network, available via fuboTV.
Recommended viewing option:
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So far, the one bond that ties all of the UEFA Nations League games together is fuboTV. The two exceptions are the games between Scotland-Armenia and Ukraine-Ireland on Tubi. And for English-language viewers, especially those who don’t mind spending more for fuboTV to avoid the headaches and confusion, a fuboTV is your best bet.
We’ve already seen some soccer fans getting confused by games being announced on the Fubo Sports Network. For background, Fubo Sports Network started as a free streaming channel available on smart TVs and The Roku Channel. The channel airs reruns, documentaries and shows.
Having said that, the Fubo Sports Network that is showing the 60+ UEFA Nations League games is not the free channel. The Fubo Sports Network showing UEFA Nations League is only available via a paid subscription to fuboTV (either the Pro or Elite plans).
However, fuboTV has announced that it will show some UEFA Nations League games on its free streaming channel. Subsequently, expect fuboTV to announce those games at a future date. Suffice to say, they will likely be matches involving minnows.
Confused, yet? At World Soccer Talk, in our efforts to minimize the headaches among soccer fans, we’ve created our UEFA Nations League schedule. Also, our free Soccer TV Schedules App (available on iOS and Android) has all of the listings.
FS1 will air a slate of global soccer powerhouses. For instance, FS1 is televising Spain vs Portugal, France vs Croatia, Belgium vs Netherlands and Germany vs Italy.
Games that are exclusive to Fubo Sports Network via fuboTV include a lot to choose from. You can watch England vs Italy, Germany vs England, and France vs Denmark, among others.
Visit our UEFA Nations League TV schedule for complete listings.
As of press time, no decision has been reached on who will broadcast the games in Spanish-language.
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Includes: Bundesliga & La Liga
Includes: Champions League & Serie A
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