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The latest flagship smartphone from Samsung, with 100GB of 5G data, on for just £39/mth? We didn’t believe it either. And yet, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is available for no upfront cost at this astonishing monthly price, despite it only being released a matter of weeks ago. You’ll receive it the very next day too, as part of a two-year contract available via the third-party site Affordable Mobiles.
If you don’t know already, the S22 is a truly top draw device that’ll keep you entertained for hours at a time – especially with all that 5G data. Speaking of which, all the streaming and online browsing you’ll be doing will be through the Three mobile network which, as we go into below, is quite the benefit in terms of speed and UK coverage.
In fact, this is such an incredible deal overall that Affordable Mobiles has put an upper limit on how many people can cash in. So if you really want the newest Samsung S22 flagship at a heavenly price, there really is no time like the present.
Buy now from Affordable Mobiles
After getting a hands-on look at the Samsung Galaxy S22, we were thoroughly impressed. It’s the South Korean manufacturer’s flagship phone of 2022, so you know you’re getting a quality machine that’ll take you through the next few years. It features four cameras – including a 50MP lens – capable of impressive low-light photography, an impressively bright and colourful display worthy of your attention plus speedy octa-core CPU performance.
Admittedly, our favourite of the S22 line – and our best smartphone of all regardless of manufacturer – is the S22 Ultra. But given a similar deal will set you back an extra £18/mth, adding up to a grand total of £1,368 over a 24-month contract, getting a relatively similar device for so much cheaper is a no-brainer.
Three has developed a reputation for stunning deals like this one, but it’s also a network with a lot to offer. It’s the best equipped network for 5G usage since, according to Opensignal, Three users found 5G in more locations than any other network. And that’s just not some dodgy signal either: Three are also ranked number one for 5G download speeds with an average of 204.3Mbits/sec – that’s a whopping 58% higher than second place EE. Its customer support could be improved, as we detail in our full length Three review, but given those high speeds and wide-ranging coverage, hopefully that isn’t too big of a problem.
This contract has a total length of 24 months and also includes unlimited texts and minutes, but that data package from Three is the true star of the show. We don’t think this S22 deal will stick around long, so nab it while you can.
Buy now from Affordable Mobiles
If you’re after an alternative deal on the S22, head over to our Samsung S22 deals page for all the best-value offerings from major networks. Other bargains on flagship handsets can be found over on our phone contracts deals, meanwhile we’ve also got SIM-only and PAYG-SIM deals pages should that be more to your liking.
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